The Mucky Nutz seed was planted. Starting off as a past-time, loving to tinker and ride, we thought it would be a great idea to design, make, play with and sell a few bike-related products, whilst keeping everything 100% British (doing our bit for the economy). Everything was sold on eBay and even at this early stage it was obvious we had something special in the Bender Fender- we just didn't realise how special.

Sales picked up and trade enquiries came in. We got our own website up-and-running and dropped eBay. An Emergency Mech Hanger, Bar Tabs (Homebrew and Draught) and Brake Rotors were introduced and the Bender Fender was modified (2.0). Although things were going great, it was still nothing more than a hobby so the full-time jobs continued.

Things were hotting up and less riding was being done- sucks I know! Mucky Nutz was too big to be a bolt-on business so became its own entity- Mucky Nutz Ltd was born. Overseas trading started and the Butt Fender developed, along with a thicker Bender Fender (2.1). We also dropped the brake rotors as we couldn't compete with those coming in from the east.

Something's got to give, running a business and having a full-time job ain't good for your health. The Bender Fender was modified once again and we introduced the Bender Fender (XL) and Gut Fender. We started working with distributors to help move things on globally and looked at sponsoring and working with riders and teams, at all levels.

Decision time- the umbilical cord was cut. It was time to give 100% to Mucky Nutz, now a family run business. We continued to grow the distributor network, have our products used and endorsed by many pro DH and Enduro riders, and ensured we had design protection in place for pretty much everything. We also bought in equipment to custom brand our mudguards for sponsorship, marketing and events and released the Rear Fender.

As you do when things are going great, we decided to cause more upheaval for ourselves by moving life, house and work, 280 miles from Sheffield to Cornwall. The business was still being run from home, in a large double garage. A garage for cars is so overrated. We re-branded the business and website with sleeker artwork and renamed key products- Bender Fender to Face Fender and Bender Fender XL to Face Fender XL.

A very busy year, being rushed off our feet for most of it. More hands were needed and for that to happen we needed to get the business out of the four walls and into its own place. By the end of 2015 Mucky Nutz set up home at the Bude Cycle Centre, just a few hundred yards from the Cornish coast and right on the local cycle path. We introduced custom printed fenders to promote brands and events on our own designs.

Now set up in our new HQ, and with our first full-time employee. The focus was on developing the brand and pushing the business forwards. Custom printing was taking off like crazy and eating up most of our time. We refreshed and updated the artwork across the fender ranges, put more focus on our trademark bold colourways and released the new reflective colourway - the first of it's kind! We also released our new silicone grips - 'sticky palms', and the coloured bar plugs.

This year got off to a great start with the release of the Full Face Fender in February. This was another unique design that had been lurking in the back of our minds for 18 months or so. The time was right to get it out there to compete with the 3D fenders on the market. We also introduced the new 'Stealth' colourway and collaborated with Banshee on their official custom guard.

Lots of time spent behind the scenes developing the MugGuard. Various 3D printed prototypes - then testing, problem-solving and refining until we are confident with the design. Speaking with various manufacturers until we found our guys - a very exciting process but all a bit hush hush!

Sees the release of the MugGuard, our awesome 3D injection moulded guard. It had been in development for the previous 12 months so we were stoked to finally get it out there for everyone to enjoy! The guard is made just up the road from our HQ, using 100% recycled waste plastic. The Face Fender range is expanded with the addition of Teal, Grey and Sand colourways.

The team welcomes a new member, just in time for a huge boom in sales following UK Covid lockdown. The MugGuard receives numerous accolades in the MTB press following group tests; Best Value and Best in Test - happy days!