Claim your mucky nutting Reward Points!

We've just checked with the oracle and can see there are thousands of muckynutters out there with unclaimed Reward Points. Everyone with an account automatically receives Reward Points when a purchase is made - equivalent to 10%, to be exact. We are soooo good to you!

Anyway, if you have an account and have bought anything from us, you can check out how many Reward Points you have by logging in at muckynutz.com and clicking on the Reward Points link. See below for instructions, if unsure how.   
1. Log into your account at muckynutz.com
2. Goto 'My Account'. Well... your account
3. Click on 'Your Reward Points'
4. And that's that
Shall we?

An Example

A Reward Point is equivalent to one whole British penny so a 'MugGuard, Short', for example, which is £20 to buy is also 2000 points to buy. And as mentioned above, if you did buy a MugGuard, Short, you would receive 10% value in Reward Points (200), for being so bloody lovely! And you don't even have to pull out a calculator to work all this out as it's shown on the product page.  
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