The ultimate fender for mountain bikes!

Lightweight, discreet, and very effective, the Face Fender is a simple front mud guard for mountain bikes, made from 100% recycled plastic.

The History

The Face Fender is the original ‘flexi-fender’ for Mountain Bikes, and the foundation on which we have built the Mucky Nutz empire!

Introduced as the ‘Bender Fender’, way back in 2009 (yikes, we feel old!) our simple yet very effective mud guard was the first of its kind, taking the cycling community by storm.

Today, 13 years after the original product was released, and with well over 1 million units sold world-wide, the Face Fender is more popular than ever. It has established itself as a household name, used and endorsed by Pro riders on the Downhill and Enduro circuits, and by weekend warriors alike!

The Design

The Face Fender design has been developed and refined several times over the years, to improve functionality and keep up with ever-changing suspension fork designs. We are very proud to bring you the latest and greatest Face Fender in this evolution.

This edition brings a plethora of new features, offering you the highest functionality per gram, all within the most compact package possible. We are sticking with our tried and trusted (100% recycled) 1000 micron thickness material, which we have found to be the best balance between weight, flexibility, and durability.

We are proud to be using 100% recycled plastic across the range, with re-useable VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Key Features

·         Stops muck, gravel, and ‘animal treats’ from being flung into your face, whilst thundering down the trail.

·         Simple design, which attaches to your suspension fork using the supplied VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

·         Super lightweight, at just 30g.

·         Compatible with 26", 27.5" and 29’’ wheel sizes.

·         Compatible with ‘standard’ and ‘boost’ suspension forks, with a forward-facing arch.

·         Will work with tyres up to 3’’ wide.

·         Improved seal shielding protects your precious (and expensive!) fork stanchions, seals and bridge from getting caked in mud and grit, reducing damage from wear and abrasion over time.

·         The new fold down front lip catches spray and splatter, keeping your face and eyes clear.

·         A secure fit, with no movement or rattling. You’ll hardly know it’s there.

·         Easy to clean, as it's flexible and opens flat. Spray it, wipe it, and you're done!

·         Comes with genuine, high-quality and super tough VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Velcro is soft on your paintwork, and makes fitting and removal a breeze for bike cleaning and maintenance.

·         Made in the UK, from 100% recycled waste plastic.



·         Length: 241mm

·         Width: 272mm

·         Mass: 30g


1.                   Break off the hanger tab, and remove the Velcro roll.

2.                   Take the Velcro roll, and wrap it around a fork lower so it overlaps itself by an inch or so.

3.                   Cut off that length, and repeat the process, so that you have two equal lengths.

4.                   Do the same for the fork bridge. You will end up with two long lengths of Velcro for the lowers, and two short lengths for the bridge.

5.                   Take the fender, and thread the long lengths of Velcro through the 'arm' holes (fluffy side towards the fork), and the short lengths through the two bridge holes.

6.                   Position the fender to the underside of the fork bridge, and secure the top two Velcro straps around the bridge, pulling the fender up as high as possible.

7.                   Now tighten the two fasteners around the fork lowers.

8.                   Fold down the front lip, so that it clears the tyre by roughly 5 - 10mm.

9.                   Square the fender up, and check tyre clearance.

10.               Go for a spin, and find some mud!

Need help or advice? If you have any questions regarding our products or how to use them, please don't hesitate to contact us.


It's no secret that plastic is used in most of our products, and this is simply because it's the best material for the job. We manufacture everything using 100% recycled waste plastic.

As a responsible manufacturer we are committed to sustainability; to produce and sell our products with minimal consumption, minimal packaging, and minimal waste.

Each product is designed to serve its purpose over many years and is by no means a ‘single-use plastic’. When a Mucky Nutz product does eventually reach the end of its functional life, it can be fully recycled once more.

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Face Fender, Black

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Each Face Fender is proudly made in the UK using 100% recycled plastic and comes with re-useable VELCRO® Brand fasteners, to attach it to your pride and joy.



Face Fender
Face Fender


Longer and wider than its predecessor, the Face Fender is compatible with most mtb fork designs, including boost forks, and with tyres up to 3" wide. 


Integrated into the Face Fender is the Shizzle Shield, which, when folded toward the tyre, stops pretty much anything from being flung forward and hitting you in the mush.


Face Fender
Face Fender


Bingo Wing technology helps to protect your fork seals and stanchions against flying dirt and debris, increasing service intervals and prolonging its life.


The Face Fender also gets a makeover. Adding a bit of gloss and a few more contours, the revamped Face Fender looks all grown up and will complement any steed.


Face Fender
Face Fender


No more zip-ties! The fender is profiled to hold the Velcro fastener without needing zip-ties or anything else.